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Webalizer, AWStats, GoAccess and Google Analytics available

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Enjoy the best webdesign and hosting functions combined together

Currently a Content Management System provides a wide variety of premade webdesigns but if you´re looking for something special we do custom made designs for personal and company customers. All our webserver solutions feature the best functions and a webinterface to access easy customization if you want to change some text details on your website or even if you want to change webserver settings.

A few things we’re great at


We offer a wide variety of Dedicated servers throughout different locations around the globe. All servers are managed which means we install any component for you as per request and leave you to running your applications as required. Dedicated servers can be used for many different tasks. It’s a rented solution and offers remote access to a server located in the datacenter specified on your order.


Any website is the room where dreams become reality and requirements become products. We design your website as per request and deliver the complete solution on either our hosting facilities or also installed on your own solution ready to use. Please contact us with your requirement and we will stay in touch for any further questions about the process.


Shared Webhosting mean that you get a room on our internet hotel solution. You get your domain pointed to our servers and we do the hosting on our custom solutions. All packages comes with Free Unlimited Traffic but only with limited space which you specify on the order process as per your requirement. Learn about Shared Webhosting and see the available server configurations by clicking the button below.


Some webmasters have limited time to create solutions for their clients or themselves and tideous tasks leave them behind and get them stuck in the creation process when selecting CMS and Platforms. We have a solution for this which is called “1-Click installer” where the only needed information is the CMS or Platform you wish to install and with the click of a button it will be installed automatically and served from your webspace ready to use.

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